Solutions (ttpmc1100m000)

Use this session to maintain solutions.

For a single solution, see Solution (ttpmc1600m000).

The scope of this session covers the life cycle of a solution from the solution's creation to the solution's release. In this session, you can maintain the basic data of a solution.

You can use this session to change the status of a solution manually under certain conditions.


Check out and check in is not restricted to the Current Package VRC. You can check out or check in all components for which you are authorized.

For check out you need the following authorizations:

  • VRC authorization
  • Module authorization
  • Language authorization
  • Authorization for components of which you are not the developer. These authorizations are specified in the Developer Authorizations Template.

For check in the same authorizations are required. You can only check in components that were checked out by yourself.

The check out and check in functionality displays a message with the number of components for which you are not authorized.

For solutions that are linked to a translation run (ttpmc4510m000), which is part of the composite Translations (ttpmc4610m000) session, these restrictions apply:

  • These solutions cannot be deleted.
  • These solutions cannot be set to “released”.

These solutions are displayed in the Solutions by Translation Run (ttpmc4512m000) session. To start this session, click the default button on a record in the Translation Runs (ttpmc4510m000) session.

Note: Translation-related sessions, fields, statuses, and commands are only available on our internal translation server.

To log on to a translation server, specify this command in the LN environment connection settings:


Alternatively, add this line in $BSE\lib\bse_vars:


Field Information

Base VRC

base VRC

Export VRC

export VRC

Base VRC Combination

base VRC combination

Solution Code

A unique identification of the solution in a base VRC.

The solution code has the following characteristics:

  • Datatype: alpha-numerical string.
  • Maximum length: 14 characters.
  • Forbidden characters: All characters that have a special meaning in UNIX, such as $, *, and so on. If you specify a forbidden character, the code will not be accepted.
Obsolete Solution

This check box identifies a solution as an obsolete solution.




If the solution is also part of a patch, the patch code appears in this field.


If this check box is selected, the solution is published immediately upon release. If a solution is published, the solution is copied to the directory specified in the Path for Published Solutions field in the Parameters (ttpmc0100s000) session.

Note: If the Copy Published Solutions check box in the Parameters (ttpmc0100s000) session is cleared, the solution cannot be published, regardless of the selection of the current check box.

If this check box is selected, a text appears with additional information. Click Text to add, read, or change the text.


The code of the patch to which a solution can be linked.

Note: To select a patch for this field, you must start the current session from the appropriate menu of the Patches (ttpmc1501m000) session.