Parameters Block Automatic Activities (ttmtm5110m000)

Use this session to determine which activities are blocked in the target tenant after the refresh. Here you can switch on blocking the activity.

When a refresh of a tenant is performed, these processes can be blocked in the target tenant:

  • Jobs and Job groups
  • Data Sets to Publish
  • BOD Parameters
  • BODs
  • DOM Batches

A file is created that lists all the changed data. If processing must resume, the status of the data can be changed and the processing restarted.

Important reminder

Set these parameters on the source tenant before the refresh is started.


This command is available:

Download Log File
During the refreshing or cloning process, the activities that are blocked are logged in a file. This command starts the download of that file.

Field Information

Deactivate Jobs

If this check box is selected, all queued Jobs and Job Groups in all companies are canceled.

Block Staged BODs

If this check box is selected, all BODs in the ESB Outbox are updated to status Error or Blocked.

Prevent BOD Publishing

If this check box is selected, in all companies, the Prevent BOD Publishing parameter in the BOD Parameters (tcbod0100m000) session is set to Yes.

Deactivate DPM Data Sets

If this check box is selected, all data sets to publish are set to Publishing=No.

Block Distribution of existing DOM Batches

If this check box is selected, all documents that are Released for publishing are set to Not Released.

New Update Policy

The specified value is set in the Application Update Settings (ttmtm4501m000) in the refreshed tenant.