Preliminary Update Check (ttmtm4554m000)

Use this session to report blocking pre-upgrade checks to the tenant administrator before running an application update. Potential blocking errors for future application releases are reported as warnings.

These pre-upgrade checks are run:

  • Table Sharing

    Checks whether the table sharing as modeled in the Table Sharing Modeler, the actual Table Sharing Set, matches the table sharing that is set at Runtime.

  • Restart Data

    Checks whether reconfiguration restart data is present for the tenant. If present, the reconfiguration action must be completed first.

  • Database Migration

    Checks whether tenant is in migration mode and linked to the migration database.

  • Customer Defined Fields

    Checks the validity of CDFs in the tenant package combination. These are the checked attributes of CDFs, if applicable:

    • Domain
    • Label
    • Reference Table
    • Labels within an attached List
  • Application Domain Extensions

    Checks whether the listed original domains have been extended beyond the minimal required length. If so, it checks whether the new domains have also been extended to at least the minimal required length.

    This check is blocking from release LN CE 2021.10 and later.

This table shows the domains and their minimum length:

Table 1.
New domain Original domain Minimal required lenth
lpgen.dsca tfgld.desc 60
tcitm.dscr tcdsca 60
tcmcs.str80m tcmcs.str50m 80
tcmpn.dscr tcdsca 80
tcreq.nids tcmcs.str50m 80
tpnot.desc tcdsca 60
tsmdm.dscd tsmdm.dsca 60
tsmdm.dsce tcdsca 80
tsmdm.dsce tsmdm.dscb 80
tsmdm.dscf tcdsca 60
tsmdm.dscf tsmdm.dsca 60
tsmdm.dscg tcdsca 80
tsserl.desc tsmdm.dscb 80

Field Information


When all tests are passed this field is selected. The tenant is ready for the update.

Package Combination

The current package combination.

Available Upgrades

Select the application version to upgrade.