Manage Operation Status (ttmtm3501m000)

Use this session to set the ‘Maintenance’ mode when the tenant starts an application update or a convert to runtime.

See this documentation:

  • Infor Enterprise Server Administration Guide (Cloud)
  • Install Upgrades and Patches (ttmtm3500m000)
  • Initiate and control migration (ttmtm3520m000)

Actions/Reference menu

These options are available:

Admin Only
During an upgrade, normal users cannot have access to the environment. In addition, starting jobs is also forbidden. To switch the environment to Admin mode, click Admin Only. Confirm the question that is displayed.
Bring Online
After the upgrade installation and the, optional, data upgrade is performed successfully, the normal users can access the environment again. Click Bring Online and confirm the question that is displayed.

After you click this button, you must complete these steps:

  1. Log off.
  2. Wait for a few minutes to stop the shared memory correctly.
  3. Log on again. The shared memory is reinitialized.

    This actualizes the processed domain and table definition changes for all users. Do not stop the logon process by closing the browser (tab) during the logon process. You must wait until the LN menu is displayed.

Set Operational Mode
Set the operational mode when no migrations are performed and the tenant is on a valid application version, or the tenant is temporarily frozen. You can switch from operational mode to maintenance mode and back. From operational to migration mode and back is also allowed. A direct transition from maintenance to migration or the other way around is not allowed.
Set Maintenance Mode
To manually set the mode when the tenant applies maintenance such as an application update. The maintenance mode prevents other updates or actions to start simultaneously. After starting and finishing the maintenance action successfully, the maintenance mode returns to the mode the tenant was in previous to the maintenance action.
Be aware that in maintenance mode jobs are no longer activated.