MS SQL Loader Details (ttmig6101m000)

Use this session to define loading properties when loading to an MS SQL database.

In MT Cloud environments, these fields are not enabled, because they are filled with values read by system resources:

  • MS SQL Installation Directory
  • Database
  • Server[\Instance] (-S)
  • MS SQL User (-U)
  • Password (-P)

Field Information

Loader Command

The loader command for MS SQL is bcp.

Maximum errors per table (-m)

Specify the maximum number of errors allowed for each table, during data loading. The loader stops loading data to a table, when errors exceed the value specified in this field.

Code page (-C)

Specify the code page of the data in the data file.

Batch Size (-b)

Specify the number of rows for each batch of data copied. Each batch is copied to the server as one transaction. SQL Server commits or rolls back the transaction for every batch, in the case of a failure. By default, all data in the specified data file is copied in one batch.

Field Terminator (-t)

Specify the field delimiter that is used in the data files. You can specify the field delimiter as a keystroke or through the ASCII value.

Default value


Hint (-h)

Specify the hint(s) to be used during a bulk copy of data to a table.

Default value


Note: This hint is applicable to all the data files.
Additional Options

Specify additional command line arguments for bcp, if required.