Migration Run (ttmig5530m100)

Use this session to view the results of a single migration run.

The upper part of the session shows general run information.

The tabs in the lower part of the session window show more detailed information, such as tables by run, record counts, and load times. For details about the fields on these tabs, see the online help of these satellite sessions:

  • Tables by Run (ttmig5531m000)
  • Record Counts (ttmig5532m000)
  • Load Times (ttmig5533m000)

You can start this session from the Loader Dashboard (ttmig5600m000), Loader Daemon (ttmig5235m000), and Migration Runs (ttmig5530m000) sessions.

You can also use this session to change the behavior of a migration run. For example:
  • Description of the run.
  • Enable or disable the ‘Store Load Times’ setting.
  • Enable or disable the ‘Count Records after conversion’ setting.

Field Information

Run Number

The migration run number


The date on which the run was created.


The company in which the migration will run.

Batch Code

The batch that is linked to the run. Initially, this field is empty. It is filled when the first run starts.

Store Load Times

If this check box is selected, the actual load times during migration are stored.

Count Records After Migration

If this check box is selected, the number of migrated records is stored.

Number Of Runners

The number of runners (processes) that run in parallel.

Number Of Tables Todo

The total number of tables that will be migrated in the run.

Number Of Tables Skipped

The number of tables skipped during the migration run.

Number Of Tables Done

The number of tables already loaded during the migration run.


The last received message from the migration process.

Error Message

The last received error message from the migration process.