Migration Runs (ttmig5530m000)

Use this session to maintain run numbers for migration processes.

You can perform these actions:

  • Create run numbers for the migration process.
  • Delete run numbers.
  • Edit the description of run numbers.

A migration run number is used to store migration process information. For example, tables dumped, loaded, number of records loaded, and load time of the table.

Field Information

Run Number

The unique run number for a given migration run.


The date and time when the run number was created.


The company number in which the migration takes place.

Batch Code

The batch used previously in the migration run. A migration run can only be started when the batch specified in the Loader Dashboard is equal to the one linked to the migration run. If the batch is empty, it is filled when the migration process is started.

Store Load Times

If this check box is selected, the actual load times during migration are stored. You can view the load times in the Migration Run (ttmig5530m100) session.

Count Records After Migration

If this check box is selected, the number of migrated records is stored. You can view the number of records in the Migration Run (ttmig5530m100) session.

Error Message

The last detected error message for a migration run.