Batches (ttmig5510m000)

Use this session to define a batch code.

Within a batch code you can link tables you want to migrate. For each migration run you can use one batch code.

Field Information

Batch Code

Specify a batch code. The batch is used within the dashboard session for a migration run.

Batch Description

Specify the description of the batch.

User Login

The user name who created the batch.

Creation Date

The date of the batch when it was created.

Using Bulk Loading Method?

Indicates whether the load process is performed through the bulk loading method.

Possible values

Default The loading method is based on the setting in the Loader Parameters (ttmig5100m000) session.
Yes The load process always uses the bulk loading method. The Load via DAL2 option is disabled.
No The load process does not use the bulk loading method. The Load via DAL2 option is enabled.
Load via DAL2

Indicates whether the tables are loaded through DAL2 or through db.insert/ db.update. This option is available, depending on the setting of the Using Bulk Loading Method? parameter.


Indicates whether text is added to the batch.