Loader Parameters (ttmig5100m000)

Use this session to define the basic settings of the Migration Loader.

Field Information

Data Files in Amazon AWS S3

This check box is only available in an MT environment. If this check box is selected, then the datafiles are stored in AWS S3. During the actual migration process the datafiles are copied to local storage for processing.

Data files directory

The directory where the data files are stored. If the Data Files in Amazon AWS S3 check box is selected, then this field contains the subfolder in Amazon AWS S3. If you leave this field blank, the default value ‘migration’ is used.

Directly read from above path?

If the data dump files were stored without using the <package>/ <module> subdirectories, then you can select this check box.

This field is mostly Yes, if you are migrating data using the legacy source engine. For the other source engines, the field is mostly not selected because it is organized under <package>/<module> subdirectories.

Directory for Engine files

Specify the directory path for engine files. This directory is used by Migration Loader to store information and create temporary process files.

For example: /migration/engine_files.

Note: Ensure that the migration user has full permission for this directory.
Company of EMM

Specify the company in which Enterprise Modeling data is stored. During the migration of the source data, the EMM data is loaded into the tables of that company.

Note: This field is mostly applicable if you are migrating data from Infor Baan IVc c4 systems.
Number of parallel loaders

Specify the number of parallel loaders to be started.

If you specify a higher value, then the overall performance of the data migration process is improved. But before you specify a higher value, examine the hardware profiles: Number of CPUs, RAM available, etc.

You can change the number of loaders during the migration run:

  • To invoke another loader, click Add Process on the loading window.
  • To reduce the number of loaders, click Remove Process.
Use bulk loading method?

The value in this field indicates whether the bulk load mechanism of the database is used, or the data is loaded using db.insert/ db.update or using DAL2.


Select the current company’s database in which the data is loaded. In MT Cloud, only MS SQL Server is supported.

Data Files Loading Command. Eg., for table 'bpmdm001'

Shows the data file loading command for specific database.