Export Data Dictionary (ttiex1280s000)

Use this session to export a data dictionary.

Field Information


The package code of the software that you want to deliver.


The version of the package.


The release of the package that must be delivered.


The customer extension of the package that you want to deliver.


If this check box is selected, only changed components, in comparison with the VRC in the next field, are exported. This is useful, for example when you want to deliver customizations, that are developed in a separate VRC, to a customer.

If this check box is cleared, components from the the VRCs that are in the derivation path of the VRC are also exported.


You want to export components from the tcB61O_a_cus1 package VRC. This VRC is derived from tcB61U_a_stnd and tcB61U_a_stnd is derived from tcB61_a. Suppose the following:

  • the Compared with VRC check box is selected and tcB61U_a_stnd is specified as "Compared with VRC". Only the changes in tcB61O_a_cus1, in comparison with tcB61U_a_stnd, are delivered. No software components are exported from tcB61U_a_stnd and tcB61_a.
  • the Compared with VRC check box is cleared. Software components of tcB61U_a_stnd and tcB61_a are also delivered, if they are not present in tcB61O_a_cus1.
Compared with VRC


Compared with VRC



The language that you want to deliver.

Commercial Function

The commercial function that belongs to the package VRC.