Domains to be Displayed as Checkbox (ttgfd4520m000)

Use this session to define the domains that have to be displayed as check boxes.

Check boxes are small boxes which represent a field of the enumerated type which has exactly two values like, for example, true/false, yes/no, 1/0, on/off.

You have to work as follows:

  • Enter the domain that has to be displayed as a check box.
  • Define the enum value that will be displayed as checked.
Note: After adding a domain in the grid, all form definitions, where the domain is used, must be re-calculated. This is to prevent messages such as Domain tg.yeno changed to checkbox; Resave this form.

To re-calculate the form definitions, complete one of these steps:

  • Open and save each involved form in the Dynamic Form Editor ( DFE).
  • Use the Save dynamic forms with DFE (ttadv2920m000) session to re-save a range of forms.

Field Information


The domain's package code.

Domain Name

The code of the domain to be displayed as extended.

Constant value for Yes

The enum value that must be displayed as a checked box.

Display as Not Checked

The enum value that must be displayed as a non-checked box.