Segmented Domains (ttgfd4122m000)

Use this session to list, find, or maintain segmented domains.

For the item domain, only use three segments: Item Base, Project, and Cluster. Using a different number of segments may cause severe problems.

Field Information


The domain's package code.

Domain Name

The code of the domain to be displayed as extended.


If this check box is selected, a separator is used to visually separate the domain segments. You can specify a separator character in the field next to the check box.

A domain can have one separator. Therefore, the same separator is used between all segments of the domain.

A separator has a maximum length of 1 and must be a valid character within the domain definition.

If this check box is selected, and no separator is specified, then the space character is used as separator.

If you change the separator, you must click the Apply button next to the Separator field to confirm the change.

Segment Start

Starting position of the segment.


The alignment type.


The conversion type.

Zoom Session

The code of the session to which you can zoom.

Each session is uniquely identified by the combination of package code, module code, and session code.

Zoom Return Field

The field name from which you will use the value in this segment.

Message Code

The identification code of the message.

A message is uniquely identified by the combination of package code and message code.