Extension History (ttext1510m000)

Use this session to view the revisions of an extension or check-out a previous revision.

Field Information

Extension Point

The extension point, specify BDE, BOD, Report, Session or Table.

Component Name

The specific BDE, BOD, Report, Session or Table for which the extension was created. It consists of the package, module and component specific remainder of the key.


Blank for Revisions resulting from commit, filled for check-ins within Activity

Revision Number

The revision number, which is automatically increased during creation of the revision.

Revision Type

The type of revision, Initial, Import, Commit or Check-In.

Revision Text

Specified by the user during check-in. It is automatically taken from the last Revision within the activity during commit.

Created by

User id of the user who imported, committed or checked-in the Extension

Creation Date

Date of when the extension was imported, committed or checked in.


The code of the library that contains the generated code and hooks executed at runtime.