Initialize Extensibility (ttext0200m000)

Use this session to initialize extensibility for a specific package combination.

Note: Run this session once for each package combination to use for Extension Development.

This session:

  • Creates package tx, if not available.
  • Creates tx VRC, which can be specified in the Version fields.
  • Adds this tx VRC to the package combination.

Generation and compilation of the Extension Script is done within the current Activity of the user. If SCM is active, it is done in the Private VRC, else in the Activity VRC.

Starts Initializing the extensibility for the specified specific package combination.

In an MT environment, it is not required to Initialize extensibility. You can open the Extension session directly.

Field Information


Specify package tx.


Specify the version for the tx package.

Package Comb.

The package combination to initialize extensibility for.


If this checkbox is selected, the Software Configuration Management is activated for the tx VRC.

Development VRC

Specify the Development VRC.