Signed Documents (ttesg2500m000)

Use this session to see an overview of the documents for which Signing was triggered.


These options are available:

Change Log
Starts the Document Change Log (ttesg2600m000) session for the selected signed documents.
Compare Documents
For the two selected signed documents of the same type and document reference the Compare Signed Documents (ttesg2600m100) session is started.
Starts the Validate Signed Documents (ttesg2400m000) session to check the Data Integrity of the Documents.

Field Information


Company code.


The type of document. This can be a predefined LN document or a customer defined document.

The document type determines the session in which a Signing dialog box is displayed after a user performs an action for which signing is required.

Custom Sequence

The sequence number of a document of type Customer Defined. Custom sequence is automatically generated for a new Customer Defined document.

Document Reference

A reference number to the document.

Sign Date

Date and time the document is signed.


If the signing failed on user authorization the LN user who started the session is displayed.


LN session code.


The Reason that is selected on the Signing dialog box.

Reason Type

Type of reason, for categorizing Reasons.

User Comments

If this check box is selected, the user comment field is filled.


If this check box is selected, the authentication failed during the signing.

Reason for Failure

Failure can be caused by one of these reasons:

  • Signing not Required: The signing was not triggered because the signing was conditionally and none of the conditions was fulfilled. The action continued, without signing.
  • Invalid User/Password: Action did not continue, authentication failed.
  • Cancelled by User: Signing was cancelled by the user in the signing dialog box. Action did not continue.
  • Maximum Authentication Attempts Exceeded: authentication was invalid. The number of maximum attempts is exceeded. Action did not continue.
  • User is not Authorized to Sign: User who signed is not set up as an allowed Signer. Action did not continue.
Signed as

The credentials that are used in the signing dialog box for signing the document.