Sign on Field Changes (ttesg1150m000)

Use this session to indicate for which field changes you want the document to be signed. This only applies to customer defined documents.


These options are available:

Import All Fields
Imports the fields of the main table. Fields which are not required can be deactivated or deleted.

Field Information


The type of document. This can be a predefined LN document or a customer defined document.

The document type determines the session in which a Signing dialog box is displayed after a user performs an action for which signing is required.

Custom Sequence

The sequence number of a document of type Customer Defined. Custom sequence is automatically generated for a new Customer Defined document.

Changed Field

Select the field of the main table to trigger the signature.

Text Fields are only supported when the text is edited in the window on the session.


If this check box is selected, this Field is used for evaluation.