Start Publishers (ttdpm5225m000)

Use this session to start the publishers that publish updates continuously. Each publisher publishes the changes from the staging tables, in which the changes are stored, in the current package combination. Each publisher runs in a separate bshell and keeps running when the current bshell is closed.

If publishers are running, a check is done to confirm if they are really running. Publishers are started if no publishers are running. You can add this session to a job. By including this session to a periodically executed job it is ensured that the publication of the updates is done regularly.


These options are available:

Start Publishers
Starts the publishers if no publishers are running.

Field Information

Number of Publishers

The number of publisher bshells to start. Each publisher bshell consists of three publisher processes that publish messages.

Message Size (in MB)

The maximum message size, in Megabyte, of each message. Multiple records are grouped by table and are split into multiple messages if the message size exceeds the specified maximum message size.

Apply additional logging

Select this check box to have additional events, regarding the start of the publisher processes, logged to the log file.