Publish Data (ttdpm5205m000)

Use this session to publish table content or updates for the current package combination.


These options are available:

Publish the data from all selected tables.
Shows the content of the log file.
Shows the content of the error file.
Republish Meta Data

Republishes the meta data, that is, the Object Schemas for all tables that are enabled for Data Publishing to Data Lake.

The meta data for the Enumerates, that is, the LN_Enum and LN_Enum_localized, and Table Sharing, that is, LN_Tableharing are published as well.

The meta data for tables that are added to Data Publishing are automatically published to Data Catalog when the Convert Data Sets to Runtime command is performed in the Data Sets to Publish (ttdpm5105m000) session.

If tables are lost or missing in Data Catalog, this option can be used to retrieve all missing tables. Because LN cannot check which tables are missing in Data Catalog, LN publishes all tables.

Field Information

Data Set
Package Combination

Shows the package combination for which to publish the data.

All Data Sets

Publishes the data for all data sets for which the flag “Publish Data” is selected.

Specific Data Set

Select the data set, the data is published for the selected data set.

Publish Mode

You can select one of these options:

  • Publish Initial Load

    Publishes all data in the current tables that are configured in the runtime file.

    Specify the tables to be published in the Company, Package, Module and Table fields. Only tables within the range are published.

  • Publish changes

    Publishes the changes in the tables that are configured in the runtime file. This option is meant for publishing a few changes. To publish changes instantly, we recommend that you use the Publish Changes (ttdpm5125m000) session instead.

  • Publish Technical Data

    Publishes technical data, for example, enumeration descriptions and table sharing data.

Technical Data Selection

If this check box is selected, the descriptions of all domain values for enumeration domains are published for all available languages.

Table Sharing

If this check box is selected, for all tables that are used for Data Publishing, the relations between logical company and physical company are published.


Counts the number of records to be published instead of publishing them.

Limited To

Limits the number of records to be published. Publishing stops if the specified number of records is reached or all records are published. Specify 0 to publish all records

Message Size

Specifies the maximum size per message. Records for the same table and company are grouped within a message. If the maximum size is exceeded, the data is split over multiple messages.

If the Publication Method for Initial Load is Data Lake Ingestion, the default value of the message size is set to 50 MB. The publication methods for initial load and changes are specified in the Data Publishing Parameters (ttdpm5130m000) session.

Number of Parallel Processes

Specify the number of parallel bshells.

Parallelization fragmentizes the workload into chunks for one table and one company. The maximum number of bshells in an on-premises environment that can be specified by the user is 20. In a Cloud environment the maximum number of publishing bshells is specified by Cloud-Ops.

Log File

After the publishing has run, the log file name is visible and the View button is enabled.

Error File

After the publishing has run, the error file name is visible and the View button is enabled.