Publish Changes (ttdpm5125m000)

Use this session to publish updates continuously. The publishers can be started and stopped. Each publisher publishes the changes from the staging tables, in which the changes are stored, in the current package combination. Each publisher runs in a separate bshell and keeps running when the current bshell is closed.


These options are available:

Start Publishers
Starts the Start Publishers (ttdpm5225m000) session to start the publishers.
Stop Publishers
Stops all running publishers. Each publisher completes publishing all data for the transaction it is currently processing before it stops.
Remove Error Publishers
Removes all publishers with status Error.
View Errors
Shows the content of the error file. If multiple error files exist, the File Manager is started to select the error file. The content of the selected error file is shown. If no error file exists, a message is displayed indicating that there are no errors.

Field Information

Bshell ID

The ID of the publisher bshell.

Started On

The time stamp on which the publisher is started.


The publisher can have this status:

  • Running: the publisher is running.
  • Stopping: the publisher will be stopped. A publisher publishes records that are inserted, modified and deleted per transaction. After it completes the publishing for a transaction it stops.
  • Error: an error occurred during publishing. The publisher is removed already, the row is visible for history purposes.

The time stamp on which the publisher was set to the current status.

Package Combination

The package combination in which the publisher bshell is running.