Tables to Publish (ttdpm5115m000)

Use this session to define the tables within a Data Set.

Restriction for Tools tables

Most Tools tables are not allowed in a data set.

This table shows the Tools tables that you can add to a data set:

Table Description
ttaad111 Data Languages
ttaad200 User Data
ttaad420 Logical/Physical Company Number
ttams460 User AMS Companies
ttdpm510 Data Set Companies
ttdpm515 Tables to Publish
ttdpm530 IMS Parameters
tttxt010 Texts

All other tables from the tt and tl packages cannot be added to a data set.


These options are available:

Starts the Table Definitions (ttadv4526m000) session.
Excluded Fields
Starts the Excluded Fields from Publishing (ttdpm5120m000) session to exclude fields. Enabled only if one table has been selected.
Import Tables
Starts the Import Tables (ttdpm5215m000) session to import tables.

Field Information

Package Combination

The package combination to publish the data for.

Data Set

The data set to publish the data for.

Publish Data

Flag to enable publishing, if enabled, the data defined in the Data Set is published.


The package.


The module (or empty for all modules in the package)


Specify the table number or keep it blank for all the tables in the module.

Publish Data

When this indicator is enabled, the table is published.

Excluded Fields

Read-only indicator if excluded fields are defined for the table.

Field Extensions Present

Read-only indicator if calculated fields are defined on the extension for the table.