Data Sets to Publish (ttdpm5105m000)

Use this session to define which data sets are published per package combination.


These options are available:

Convert Data Sets to Runtime
Creates the runtime file for the current package combination. This makes the defined data sets active.
Copy to Current Package Combination
Copies the selected data sets to the current Package Combination. This field is only enabled if the package combination in the view field is not the current package combination.
Copy to Next Package Combination
Copies the selected data sets to the next Package Combination.
Import Data Sets
Starts the Import Data Sets (ttdpm5217m000) to import configured data sets from a file that is created by command “Export Data Sets”.
Export Data Sets
Starts the Export Data Sets (ttdpm5216m000) session to export configured data sets to a file.
Publish Data
Starts the Publish Data (ttdpm5205m000) to publish table content or updates.
Publish Changes
Starts the Publish Changes (ttdpm5125m000) session to publish updates continuously.

Field Information

Package Combination

The package combination to publish the data for.

Data Set

The data set to publish the data for. The data set must exist in the Data Sets (ttdpm5100m000) session.


Description of the data set.

Publish Data

Flag to enable publishing, if enabled, the data defined in the Data Set is published.