Purge Staged Data (ttdpm4210m000)

Use this session to remove data that cannot be published anymore, or does not have to be published anymore, from the staging tables.

Both, data from the staging table and hidden data from the database, are removed.

Note: Never remove data from the ttdpm410 table directly through the General Table Maintenance (ttaad4100) session, because this does not remove the hidden data.


These options are available:

On-premises or single-tenant cloud deployment: Purges all data that meets the selected package combination and Delete Data Before.

Multi-tenant cloud deployment: Purges all data that meets the Delete Data Before and data from earlier versions that cannot be published anymore.

Field Information

Package Combination

On-premises or single-tenant cloud deployment: The package combination for which the data must be purged.

This field is hidden in multi-tenant cloud deployments.

Delete Data Before

This field restricts the data to be purged. Only data older than the specified time stamp is purged.

Purge all

If this check box is selected, the Purge action purges all data from the IMS Publishing Staging table. This purge can be faster than performing a standard purge.