Update Document Attributes in IDM (ttdms3280m000)

Use this session to update attributes for a selection of documents in IDM at once.

First select the Document Type, then define a filter and updates to perform. You can filter on different attributes than the attributes that must be modified.

To use this session, the parameters in the Infor Document Management Parameters (ttdms3170m000) session must be defined.

Field Information

Document Type

The list of Document Types that are available in IDM. After selecting a Document Type, the related attributes are shown in the grid.

Print modified documents

If enabled, the report includes all successfully modified documents. If disabled, the report prints only documents that failed due to errors, or were skipped because they are checked out in IDM.

Print Attributes

If enabled, the report prints all modified attributes for each document that was successfully updated. If disabled, only the document identifiers are printed

Attribute Name

The name of the attribute in IDM.

Attribute Name description

The description of the attribute in IDM.

Filter Mode

The filter to apply for this attribute. For a document that is to be considered for updates, all defined attribute filters must match.

Filter Value

The value to filter on. This is applicable only if a Filter Mode is selected.

Update Mode

The update to apply for this attribute.

Old Value

The text to replace with the New Value. This is only applicable if the selected Update Mode is Replace Text.

New Value

The new value of the attribute, or the new value for the text to replace. This is only applicable if an Update Mode is selected.