Configuration Objects (ttdcm0501m000)

Use this session to maintain configuration objects.

You can perform these actions:

  • Add, delete, duplicate, and update configuration objects.
  • View the configuration data companies.
  • Export and import configuration objects.
  • Import the default LN configuration objects.

Configuration objects are the main, basic building blocks of a configuration data export or import. A configuration object represents one or more related database tables or a logical subset of functionality. A configuration object instance can be a record of a database table that is actually exported or imported.

For example, the Countries (tcmcs010) table includes the records China, India, and USA. Configuration object Common - Countries is defined for the Countries (tcmcs010) table. In this case, China, India, and USA are the instances of configuration object Common - Countries.

For object-based configuration objects, you can export or import all instances or individual instances.


These options are available:

Configuration Data Companies
Starts the Configuration Data Companies (ttdcm0505m000) session.
Import Configuration Objects
Starts the Import Configuration Data Definition (ttdcm0201m000) session.
Export Configuration Objects
Starts the Export Configuration Data Definition (ttdcm0202m000) session.
Import default LN Configuration Data Definition
Starts the Import default LN Configuration Data Definition (ttdcm0203m000) session.

Field Information

Configuration Object

The code of the configuration object.


The configuration object type.

The object type is used to logically categorize configuration objects.

Instance Session

The session in which you can select the instances of the configuration object.

Object DLL

The DLL of the object. This field is only relevant for object-based configuration objects.

Is Enabled

You can use this check box to, temporarily, disable configuration change management for an individual configuration object.

Disabling a configuration object may cause differences between source and target systems. Therefore, you should only disable configuration objects in exceptional cases.
Share Instances of CO

The configuration object whose instances you can share with the current configuration object.

When defining a configuration export, for each configuration object included in the export, you can select the instances to be exported.

If you specify a configuration object with which to share instances, you can select instances from the current configuration object and the shared configuration object.

You can select instances for a configuration object in the Configuration Export Overview (ttdcm0563m100) session, which you can start in the Configuration Exports (ttdcm0560m000) session.