Export Configuration Data (ttdcm0260m000)

Use this session toexport configuration data defined by the configuration export selected in the Configuration Exports (ttdcm0560m000) session.

To launch the export process, click Export. The configuration data of all active configuration objects of the selected configuration object sets is exported. A progress indicator is displayed which you can use to stop the export process.

When the export is completed, the run is registered with the export file in the Runs by Configuration Export (ttdcm0564m000) session.

You can only run one export at a time.

Note: The export functionality can run without UI. In case of errors when running without UI, the errors are written to the log.dcm log file.

Field Information

Path for Configuration Data

The folder to which the data is exported. The resulting file is bundled and compressed to a file with a tar.gz extension. A default name is displayed for the path. The file name consists of the configuration export name with a date/time suffix, for example, Financials2021-12-06T090116+0100.tar.gz.

The default export file path is:

${BSE}\appdata\dcm\export\<package combination>[configuration export name]

The resulting file is for example:


Print instances

If this check box is cleared, only errors are logged on the report.

If this check box is selected, a list with exported configuration objects and their identifiers is also displayed by company on the report.

Trace Level

The level of detail of the information printed to logfile log.dcm.