Daemons (ttcmf3110m000)

Use this session to maintain, display, and print daemons. Currently there is one standard daemon implemented by LN: ttcmfnotify. This daemon is used to handle the delivery reports that external service providers send to LN. The daemon updates the message log, which indicates whether the message was successfully delivered.

Follow this procedure to enter a new daemon:

  1. On the File menu, choose New, and then enter a sequence number for the daemon.
  2. Enter a session name to link it to this daemon.
  3. Enter the service, company number, and address the daemon must use when eMessage Connector starts.

Field Information

Sequence Number

Enter a unique number to set this daemon into a logical sequence within the daemon group. By default, the sequence number is incremented by ten by default.


Enter a session here to link it to this daemon. You can use this to access a session that does not have a user interface, for example, ttcmfnotify. Click the right arrow to display a list of valid session names.

Service Name

Enter the service to which the daemon connects when eMessage Connector starts. Click the right arrow to display a list of valid services.

Company Number

Enter the company number in which the daemon should start. Click on the right arrow to display a list of valid company numbers.

Inbound Address

Enter the address the daemon uses to connect to eMessage Connector when it starts. If you leave this field empty, LN uses the address in the form of session_code.company_number@hostname.