Address Book (ttcmf2100m000)

Use this session to add and update entries in the address book. Use the main session to add an entry and use the details session to fill in the information or to update the entry.

You cannot delete an entry that is still present in other tables. If the entry can be deleted, the DAL removes it automatically from all distribution lists. Also, when you double-click an entry in the Distribution List category, the Distribution Lists (ttcmf2110m000) session starts and displays, showing the members of the selected list.

In the Distribution List category, you can select Distribution Lists (Shift+D) on the appropriate menu to start the Distribution Lists (ttcmf2110m000) session.

To enter a new address book entry, take the following steps:

  1. On the File menu, click New to start the Address Book Details (ttcmf2100s000) session.

The next steps in the procedure are done in the Address Book Details (ttcmf2100s000) session.

  • On the File menu, click New.
  • Fill in the Category field. The Category field is a free-form text field with no constraints, so you can develop your own categories or use one of the following supplied categories: LN User or Distribution Lists.
  • The Key field corresponds to the user listed in the User Data table. Enter a new key if you want to add a new entry manually, or accept the default key. If you update or insert a record into the User Data table, the record and its key are also automatically updated in the Address Book table.
  • Enter the address type of the e-mail address. Only SMTP is supported.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the recipient.
  • Enter a default address type for the user.

Field Information


Displays the category of the entry. This is a free form text field with no constraints, so you can develop your own categories. The initial categories are Employee, Business Partner, LN User and Distribution List. The category Distribution List is reserved and you cannot add records to this category.


If there is an entry for this user in the User Data table, LN automatically enters the key here. You can also enter a new key.

Display Name

Enter or let LN enter the full name of the recipient to which the entry applies, for example, John Smith.


Enter the default address type for the user. LN uses the default when an application does not specify how a message should be sent to the user. If you use a default message type, you must also supply an address for that type. You can also leave this field empty if this user has no default message type.