Recipients (ttcmf1520m000)

Use this session to view recipients.

Field Information


Enter the recipient role.


Enter the address of the receiver.


Displays the address type used to reach this recipient, such as email or fax.


If this check box is selected, the connector is responsible for delivery of the message. The default is selected.

Infor LN Message ID

Displays the unique message ID of the message in LN. The LN message ID corresponds to the directory name where the serialized message components are stored. The message ID is a 40 character string max. The first 10 characters is the UTC date and time (number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970 converted to a string) followed by a ".". The next five characters are the bshell pid (mod 99999) followed by a ".". The next three characters are the bshell process ID (mod 999) followed by a ".". The next three characters are a counter in case of multiple transactions per second (max 999) followed by a ".". The last characters are the first few characters of the machine's hostname.