Service Providers (ttcmf0110m000)

Use this session to link each connector to a particular provider. The value that you specify in the 4GL Connector field must exist in the Sessions (ttadv2500m000) session.

In Multitenant Cloud the configuration steps are not required because the setup is already completed by Infor.

Field Information


The name of the service provider.


A description of the service provider.

4GL Connector

The session name of the LN 4GL connector process associated with the provider. You can zoom to the Sessions (ttadv2506s000) session.

eMessage Connector only supports SMTP as service provider.

For the SMTP provider, you can select these connectors:

  • ttcmfsmtp

    Handles communication with the mail server. cURL is used if a mail account and a password is provided (using SSL).

  • ttcmfcurlsmtp

    ttcmfcurlsmtp is similar to ttcmfsmtp in functionality, but it uses cURL for mail server communication.

cURL is part of the porting set.