Print Profiles (ttaud3410m000)

Use this session to print audit profiles.

This session will usually be run from the Audit Profiles (ttaud3110m000) session, or from the Audit Fields by Table (ttaud3125m000) session.

Field Information

Audit Category

Audit category


Audit profiles

Print Profile Text

In the Audit Profiles (ttaud3110m000) session, a text can be attached to each profile. If this check box is selected, these texts are printed also.

Print Audit Tables by Profile

If this check box is selected, the tables that are audited in a profile are also printed, together with the fields.

Note: By default, this check box is selected because, if the tables and fields are not printed, the information printed is rather summarily.
Print Blocked for Audit Tables (Detailed)

If this check box is selected, you can print which tables of the specified audit profiles are excluded from the audit trail. Consequently, an additional column will be available in the report to indicate whether a table is blocked, and whether a package or module contains blocked tables.

  • Some purely transactional or technical tables are automatically excluded from the audit trail to avoid audit trail issues. For a list of unsupported tables, see KB article 2308393.
  • You can only select this check box if the Print Audit Tables by Profile check box is also selected.