Import Audit Profiles (ttaud3202s000)

Use this session to import audit profiles.

Audit profiles can be exported with the Export Audit Profiles (ttaud3201s000) session.

  • By default, imported profiles are not active. To make them active, select the Active check box in the Audit Profiles (ttaud3110m000) session.
  • Imported audit profiles are only applied when the new audit settings are converted to run time, which requires that you first make them active with the Create Runtime Audit Definitions (ttaud3200s000) session.

Field Information


The path and file name where the XML export is stored.

Overwrite Existing Components

If this check box is selected, existing components are overwritten during the import. This means that existing audit profiles, audit categories, company group definitions and their audit settings can be changed. Refer to the Help on the Export Related Company Groups check box, in the Export Audit Profiles (ttaud3201s000) session for more information.

Before you import a profile, it is important that you know what you are importing, and how it relates to the audit settings you have already defined on your system. Else you can corrupt or loose existing audit settings.