Audit Fields by Table (ttaud3125m000)

Use this session to to define which fields must be audited, and when they must be audited.

  • It is not required to define the fields that must be audited. Only if not all fields in a table must be audited, you must specify the fields that must be audited. You can only specify fields for a table for which you selected Specified in the Field Selection field of the Audit Tables by Profile (ttaud3120m000) session. If you selected All in that field, all fields in the table are audited, and no fields can be specified.
  • For a detailed explanation of the relation between audit type and field specification, refer to the section How to determine the net result of the audit configuration in the Audit Configuration Management topic.
  • The audit functionality uses the positive approach, which means that you can only specify which tables and fields must be audited, but not which tables and fields must not be audited. Therefore, through the appropriate menu, commands are available to load all (key) fields. You can then delete the fields you do not require.

Field Information


The audit profile you configure or view in this session.


The package code of the table.


The module code of the table.


The number of the table.

Blocked for Audit

If a green indicator is displayed, the table is blocked for audit. Consequently, the table is not considered in the audit trail.

Note: Some purely transactional or technical tables are automatically excluded from the audit trail to avoid audit trail issues. For a list of unsupported tables, see KB article 2308393.

In the Print Profiles (ttaud3410m000)session, you can print which tables of the current audit profile are excluded from the audit trail.

Key Field

If this check box is selected, the field is part of the primary key of the table.


The field for which you define the audit type.

If Customer Defined Fields (CDF) are defined for this table, they can also be used in the audit process. The CDF name must be prefixed by the string cdf_ to be accepted by the session. Zooming on this field offers the choice between zooming for normal or CDF fields.

Audit Type

This field does not define whether or not inserting a new record is logged. When auditing is active, inserting a new record is always logged. Audit type


If this check box is selected, and the profile that is selected in the Profile field is also active, the next time you run the Create Runtime Audit Definitions (ttaud3200s000) session the settings for this field are converted to run time .