Role History Data (ttams4175m000)

Use this session to keep track on changed roles. History on AMS data is only available for Enhanced AMS. If Enhanced AMS is enabled, you can select the Role History check box in the AMS Parameters (ttams0100m000) session.

When the Role History check box is selected, the Role History Data (ttams4675m000) session is shown in the AMS menu. The data is generated when a role is converted to runtime. Every time a role is converted to runtime, a history record is written with the next Version TAG.

From this session you can start these options:

  • Restore Role from History

    When one role history record is selected, this version can be used to restore the role and its authorizations to a previous version of the role. The authorizations are overwritten with the data from history. The changed role must be converted to runtime.

  • Purge Role History (ttams4275m000)

    To purge the role history for a selection of roles until a date and time. If no history for a role or an authorization exists after the specified date and time, then the last version tag before the specified date is kept.

  • Check Role History Hash

    The role history contains a calculated hash code based on the role and its authorizations. If data is directly changed in the database, the hash differs from the calculation. Roles with this issue are shown on a report.

  • Recalculate Role History Hash

    When an issue with the hash code of a role exists, you must trace the cause of this issue. You can, for example, run an audit on the database and tables or check the logging of GMT. After solving the problem, you can recalculate the value.