Print Session Authorizations by User (ttams3400m000)

Use this session to print the session authorizations for a particular user, or for a range of users.

Field Information

Session Type

You can use this field to specify a session type, or a range of session types. This is useful, for example, if you want to know for which Maintain sessions the selected users are authorized.

Allowed values


For overview and details sessions, if not started in read-only mode, users can edit fields.


Type 4 session.


Type 4 session.


Maintain session type, except that users cannot edit fields in an overview session. Users can edit fields in a details session.

Update + Print

Update session that produces a report.

This session type behaves in the same way as a Print session, but at runtime the Preview button is not generated.


Type 4 session.


Type 4 session.

Authorization Groups

You can use this field to specify an authorization group, or a range of authorization groups.

For example: specify the following range to print the sessions in which the selected users are allowed to change, add or delete records:

Field Value
Authorization Groups - From Modify/Print/Display
Authorization Groups - To Full Authorization
New Page by User/Session

If this check box is selected, the session authorizations for each LN user are printed on a new page.