Table Field Authorizations (ttams3143m000)

Use this session to maintain database table authorizations at a table field level. This means that you can restrict the normal user who is linked to the role to fields of a specific table.

Only if the user has at least Read authorization for the table, database table-field authorizations are meaningful.

Database table-field authorizations only work for sessions with a main table. For example, Maintain sessions and Display sessions. If a user has no authorization to modify a field, the field is disabled. If a user has no authorizations at all, the No Authorization Character, which is defined in the Tools Parameters (ttaad0100m000) session, is displayed. Database table field authorizations have no effect on reports. Update sessions, when fields are automatically filled by the session, will also ignore database table-field authorizations.

If you do not specify database table-field authorizations, the user will have the database table authorizations.

You can define exceptions to the database table-field authorizations at table-field data level in the Table Field Data Authorizations (ttams3146m000) session.

You can use the appropriate menu to:

  • Modify the database table-field authorizations for a range of table fields
  • Copy a range of table fields in the current role
  • Delete the database table-field authorizations for a range of table fields
  • Convert the changes of the database table authorizations to the run-time data dictionary. The database authorization data of the role is stored in the $BSE/lib/db/<first character of role>/<role>.

Field Information


Specifies the code of the role.


The description of the role.

All Companies

If this check box is selected, the authorizations are defined for all companies.

If authorizations are defined for a specific company, as well as for all companies, they can overlap. The authorizations for a specific company have the highest priority.


Specifies the code of the specific company for which the database table-field authorizations are defined.


No Help topic is associated with this item.

Field Name

Specifies the table field for which the database table field authorizations are defined.

If Customer Defined Fields (CDF) are defined for the table, they can also be used in the authorization process. In this field, specify the name of the CDF field as displayed in the Customer Defined Fields (ttadv4591m000) session. The session adds the “ cdf_ ” prefix to the field. When you zoom on this field, you can choose between zooming to normal table fields and zooming to CDF fields.

Note: To work properly in authorizations, the CDF field must be present in the current package combination of the user that defines the authorizations.

The description of the table field.


Specifies the possible table field authorizations.