Role Data (ttams2100m000)

Use this session to maintain role data.

Roles are used to define and maintain a complex set of authorizations for a group of users, who are all identified by the same role. A role can contain subroles, and a user can be connected to several roles.

The roles are divided into the following components:

These authorizations are specified on the following level of detail:

  • On a company level (not for libraries)
  • On a package level
  • On a module level
  • On a component level
  • On a subcomponent level (only for databases)

You can use the commands on the appropriate menu to:

  • Create subroles in a role
  • Start the sessions to maintain the authorizations of the components on different levels.
  • Start the Role browser to display (part of) the role tree and to highlight, in red, cyclical definitions in the tree. These recursive structures are prohibited because, the bshell or db server can be caught in an infinite loop.
  • Convert the changes of run time

Field Information


Specifies the role code.


A description of the role.