Menu Personalization - History (ttadv9558m000)

This session shows an overview of existing menu personalizations.

When menu personalizations are made by hiding a menu or through the Menu Personalizations (ttadv9505m000) session, a history record for menu personalization is created. If a menu is copied, a history record is also created. This copy action fills also the description field of the history record.

Field Information

Personalization for

The user role or company for which the history records are displayed.


The code of the menu.


The module code of the menu.


The date of the change.

Keep as Revision

If this check box is selected, records are not automatically deleted, even if the total number of history records for this report exceeds 50. Manual deletion can still be done for this record.


When personalizations are copied, this field is filled with information about the copy. For example: Copied from personalization level User, jdoe.