Session Personalization - History (ttadv9555m000)

This session shows an overview of existing session personalizations.

When a session personalization record is created, a history record for session personalization is created in these cases:

  • Changing column positions
  • Hiding columns
  • Changing the session with “Personalize Form”, “Personalize Toolbar”, “Personalize View”
  • Copy a Session Personalization

    A history record is created for the target and the description of the history record is filled.

For session personalizations not all changes result in the creation of a history record:

  • Users without Personalization Permission, as set in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session, no history is saved.
  • Users with Personalization Permissions, as set in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session in the Allow Application Personalization field.
    • Enable or disable Easy filter Row is not saved in the history.
    • Settings of Easy Filter Default Operator are not saved in the history.
    • Modification in the splitter position is not saved in the history.
    • Wrap Toolbar setting is not saved in the history.
    • Old Style personalizations are not saved in the history. Old style personalizations are no longer created and should not be shown.


These options are available:

Revert to selected version
Makes the selected personalization from the history actual. The new actual revision occurs. The first record in the grid is the actual personalization followed by older personalizations.
Session Personalizations - History details
When more than 50 records are present for a session, the oldest record is removed

Field Information

Personalization Level

The level on which the personalization applies. User, Personalization Role or Enterprise Modeler Role, or Company level..


The session code.


The date of the change.

Keep as Revision

If this check box is selected, records are not automatically deleted, even if the total number of history records for this report exceeds 50. Manual deletion can still be done for this record.


When personalizations are copied, this field is filled with information about the copy. For example: Copied from personalization level User, jdoe.