Report Personalization - History (ttadv9508m000)

This session shows an overview of previous versions of the report personalization.

The Report Designer (ttstppersrep ) automatically inserts a record every time the personalization is saved. A maximum number of 50 records are stored per report per user, excluding those for which Keep as Revision is set to Yes.


These options are available:

Revert to selected version
Replaces the current report personalization with the selected version.

The selected version is copied to the current date/time and that personalization is regenerated to runtime.

View Model
Use this command to view the technical XML description of the selected version of the report personalization.
Report Designer
View the selected version of the report personalization in the Report Designer (ttstppersrep).

Field Information


The package code of the report.


The module code of the report.


The report code.

Personalization for

The level on which this personalization applies. User, Personalization Role or Enterprise Modeler Role, or Company level.

Personalization for

The user role or company for which the history records are displayed.


The date on which the corresponding report personalization was saved.

Keep as Revision

If this check box is selected, records are not automatically deleted, even if the total number of history records for this report exceeds 50. Manual deletion can still be done for this record.


Specify a description for this version of the report personalization.