Export Conditional Formats (ttadv9402s000)

Use this session to export conditional formats to an XML file.

You can move the XML file to another LN environment, and subsequently import the formats via the appropriate menu in the Conditional Formatting (ttadv9502m000) session. In this way you can distribute formats to multiple LN environments.

Note: This session is only accessible for super users.

Field Information

File Name

The directory path and file name of the XML file.

Export From
Creation Level

Select one of the following:

User Export only formats that apply to the user that is specified in the next field.
System Export System formats that apply to all users.

The user whose formats are exported.

Export as System

If this check box is selected, the formats of the selected user are exported as System formats. When you import these formats in an LN environment, the formats will apply to all users.