Remove Range of Application Locks (ttadv9298m000)

Use this session to remove a range of application locks.

An application lock is set in applications in which data must be locked for a long period, for example the text editor. In normal situations, application locks are removed by the application, that has set the lock. In case of system crashes/failures, it is possible that application locks remain in the system.

Company-wide application locks

Usually, an application lock is set for the current company only. However, some sessions update records in multiple companies. These sessions set company-wide application locks. A company-wide application lock is valid in all companies and ensures that the involved session can be run by only one user at a time.

Note: Only remove application locks if you are sure that the applications that have set the lock are no longer running.

Field Information


Specifies the date the lock has been placed.


Specifies the time the lock has been placed.

Also Remove Company-Wide Application Locks

If this check box is cleared, only application locks that are set for a single company are removed.

If this check box is selected, Company-wide application locks are removed as well.