Undo Check-out Personalizations by Package (ttadv9250m900)

This session is started through the Manage Personalizations (ttadv9150m000) session.

This session undoes check-out all personalizations from a Personalization For for selected packages.

For each selected package, check-outs of all personalizations that you have made before are undone. Changes you have made are discarded. Your personalizations from before the check-out are restored.

Field Information


The personalization level current in the Manage Personalizations (ttadv9150m000) session.

Personalization For

The user, role or company current in Manage Personalizations (ttadv9150m000) session. This field is read only.


The package code and description.


If this check box is selected, the package is selected for copying.

Checked out By

The user who has checked-out the package, if it is checked-out, you cannot select the field.