Undo Session Personalizations (ttadv9250m600)

This session undoes the check-out of the current session from the "Personalization For" that are selected with the Get Session Personalizations From (ttadv9250m400) session.

The user personalizations that existed before the check-out, if any, are restored.

To use this session, the user data template linked to the user must have selected the Allow Get/Save Session Personalizations option.

Field Information


The level of the get: User, Personalization Role, EM Role or Company.

Personalization for

The user, role, company or all companies that are checked-out.

EM Role

Specify an Enterpise Modeler role.


Specify a company number. To select all companies specify an asterisk '*' in this field.

Restore Own User Personalizations

The original user personalizations are restored after the save action.