Personalize View (ttadv9235m000)

Use this session to personalize views for a session.

This session is a composite session. This table shows the structure of the session:

Panel in the session window Description
Left-hand panel Contains the Views (ttadv9235m001) session.

Shows the available views. When selecting a view, the details of the view are displayed in the right-hand panel.

Right-hand panel Contains the View Fields (ttadv9235m002) session.

Shows the document type attribute mapping for the document type you selected in the left-hand panel.

Creating a personalized view

  1. In the left-hand panel, select a standard view and click Duplicate. The new view is displayed in the tree.
  2. Select the new view. Then, in the right-hand panel, modify the description and the number of view fields for the new view.
  3. Save the view.

    The new view is available in the Search menu of the session.

Disclaimer: In some sessions with complex standard views, a personalization can conflict with the standard view. In that case, the result of the personalization may not be as expected.