Checked-out Packages (ttadv9151m000)

Use this session to view an overview of all packages that are currently checked-out for personalization.

The user can select multiple check-outs for other users to remove. With Remove and confirmation each check-out, the personalization changes are deleted. To safe the changes that are made during a check out before removal, go to the user who selected the personalization to be removed. Copy the checked out personalization to a temporary storage (personalization role).


These options are available:

  • Remove Checked-out of Other Users (ttadv9450m000) session

    The first time you start this command, a warning is displayed asking you to make a backup before removing the checked out personalizations. Click OK to continue.

  • Export Personalizations by Package (ttaad7201m000) session

  • Import Personalizations by Package (ttaad7202m000) session

Field Information


The package.

Personalization Level

The level of the check-out, for example: User, Personalization Role, EM Role or Company.

Personalization for

The user, role or company that is checked-out.

Checked-out By

The user ID and description of the user who has checked out the package.

Checked-out Time

The timestamp of the check-out.