Arguments (ttadv9131m000)

Use this session to define the arguments for a graph. Ensure that you have selected a graph in the Graphs section before starting Arguments.

Field Information


The name of a graph argument. This value is used to create a ReportVariableName entry in the graph URL.

Form Field

The name of a form field. This field is a list box with all visible form fields (shown by description) of the session specified in Activated by selection in session. If Activated by selection in session is empty, the list box shows all visible form fields of the session that shows the graph.

After selecting a form field in the list box, Field Name shows the variable name of that form field.

The list box also contains a special entry: “-“. If this special entry is selected, you can specify the Field Name manually.

Field Name

The name of an external variable. The value of this variable is used to create the ReportVariableValue entry in the graph URL.