List Constants (ttadv4593m000)

Use this session to define the constants which can be linked to a customer defined field list.

Note: You must actualize list constants to runtime through the Convert (to runtime) command in the Lists (ttadv4592m000) session.

Field Information


A code to identify a list.


The description of the list.


Sequence number within the list.

To prevent data loss, this field is read-only if the list is linked to one or more customer defined fields with the status ‘available’.

Constant name

If the field is specified in the table, it is used when the list is converted to runtime, into the runtime domain file. This leads to more readable code. If it is not specified, the constant name is generated in the way it is done currently.


A list constant is identified by a label or a fixed description.

In case of a label, specify the label code here. The label must include the package code.


  • The label must be present in the current package combination.
  • The label must be of type “Enumerate”.
Note: For translatability, we recommend that you link a label code, instead of a fixed description, to a list constant.

Description to identify the list constant.

You can only edit this field if the Label field is empty. If the Label field contains a label code, the description of the label present within the current package combination is displayed. Otherwise, the actually specified (fixed) description is displayed. This description is used in the UI.