Customer Defined Fields Parameters (ttadv4590m000)

Use this session to enable or disable the availability of the Customer Defined Fields (CDF) feature. CDF enables you to store additional information in tables without customization.

Click OK to store the parameter setting.

To define customer defined fields, use these sessions:

  • Customer Defined Fields (ttadv4591m000)
  • Lists (ttadv4592m000)
  • List Constants (ttadv4593m000)

See one of these topics:

  • Configuring customer defined fields (OP)- on-premises scenario
  • Configuring customer defined fields (CE)- cloud scenario

Field Information

CDF Active

Use this field to activate or deactivate the CDF feature.


You cannot deactivate CDF in these situations:

  • Customer defined fields are present in the Customer Defined Fields (ttadv4591m000) session.
  • Pending domain / table changes are present, so a conversion to runtime is required.