Enum/Set Constants (ttadv4501m000)

Use this session to define the constants that belong to a domain of type enumerate, or set, with language-dependent descriptions.

  • Enter the constant number, that is for internal usage.
  • Enter the name of the constant that is used in program scripts and in defaults in form fields.
  • Enter the language-dependent description that is shown at runtime in a form field.
Note: If you have started this session by zooming, you can only find and select a record.

Field Information


The version code of the package for which the domain is defined.


The release of the package for which the domain is defined.


The customer extension of the package for which the domain is defined.

Note: It is only relevant for customized software.

The constant that represents the internal enumerated field value.

It determines the sequence in which the enum descriptions will be displayed at runtime. If an index includes/consists of an enumerate field, the constant also determines the sequence of records, according to the index.

You can also use greater than and less than expressions in scripts:


Domain: tryesno possible values : yes with constant number 1 no with constant number 2 The expression tryesno.no > tryesno.yes is true.

Constant Name

The constant name combined with the package code and domain code is used to refer to an enumerated constant in scripts or expressions on forms and reports.

Example package code: ti Tools Manufacturing domain code : yesno constant name: yes

For example, the constant name yes in a form field with domain code tiyesno, use the expression tiyesno.yes.