Export Customer Defined Fields (ttadv4291m000)

Use this session to export the customer defined fields to a file. The output format is XML.

After the release of LN version 10.6, we recommend that you use PMC for exporting and importing Customer Defined Fields. To use PMC you must create table extensions for tables that have Customer Defined Fields and export/import these extensions.

Field Information

Package Combination

Selection range of package combinations for which you want to export the Customer Defined Fields (ttadv491). The Lists (ttadv492) and List Constants (ttadv493) that are used by these Customer Defined Fields are exported as well. Other lists are not exported.

Output File

The path to the xml file that contains the exported Customer Defined Fields.

Before 10.6 format

Select this check box to export Customer Defined Fields and import them in an LN version previous to 10.6.